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Cyber Security

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    Cyber Security

    Segmentation, firewalls, access control, encryption, and continuous monitoring enhance VSAT security.

    With the increasing dependence on digital technology in the maritime industry, cyber threats have become a significant concern for vessel owners and operators. VSAT systems, which are used for satellite communication on vessels, are vulnerable to cyber-attacks if proper security measures are not taken.

    Cybersecurity is essential for VSAT systems to ensure that the communication network is secure and protected from unauthorized access or malicious attacks. Here are some of the ways in which cyber security can be enhanced in VSAT systems:

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    To reduce the impact of a cyber-attack, VSAT networks can be segmented into smaller, isolated sub-networks. This approach makes it harder for attackers to move laterally across the network and helps limit the damage in case of a breach.

    Firewalls can be installed to protect the VSAT system from unauthorized access and malicious traffic. Firewalls can also be configured to restrict access to specific ports and services to prevent exploitation.

    Access to the VSAT system should be restricted to authorized personnel only. Strong authentication mechanisms, such as two-factor authentication, can be implemented to ensure that only authorized users have access to the system.

    Encryption is an essential component of cyber security in VSAT systems. Data transmitted over the VSAT network should be encrypted to ensure confidentiality and integrity. End-to-end encryption should be used to prevent interception and eavesdropping.

    VSAT systems should be continuously monitored for suspicious activity and anomalous behaviour. This approach helps identify potential threats early, allowing for swift action to mitigate any damage.