Universal Satcom is already an established provider of L-band solutions from Inmarsat (SBB and Classic) and Iridium, as well as comprehensive Datalink services. 

We differentiate form our competition by the fact that we don’t only supply avionics and connectivity, but a fully integrated delivery of a satcom project.

That is to say that we are packaging for the client:

STC + engineering work

This is done by AKKA AeroConseil, part 21 J & G, part M, part 145.  This company has a long VSAT experience, from the protos of Air France – KLM and Lufthansa, to the on-going implementation of GEE / ROW 44 systems on the total Fly Dubai fleet

We always work on an EASA STC at first, before converting it to the local civil aviation authority required by the client

The complete engineering package (SB, job cards, drawings, etc…) is done in collaboration with the installation team, in order to minimize the down-time of the A/C at installation

MRO slot

When the A/C provided by the client fits in one of the hangars we are dealing with, we then suggest the slot to our clients, as our deals with MROs are ensuring a perfect integration of the installation team. As of today, we are able to provide slot in ExecuJet Dubai, Jet Av for the Gulfstream and Falcon Aviation Services Dubai (hangar soon to be ready)

T-ped testing, DO-294 / ED-130

This is done by Porter Aerospace anywhere in the world, usually within a day

Installation and global support

This is done by AeroMod under the observation of the MRO and the engineering party

AeroMod is the reference installer of Gogo 2 Ku (ThinKom ThinAir Falcon Ku 3030) and now clocks more than 700 satcom installations around the world

AeroMod is able to install anywhere in the world, therefore ensuring the after-sales support for the same

                Avionics and L Band antenna

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Aviation Product :