Universal Satnet is the latest high-speed satellite broadband Internet service introduced by Universal Satcom on state of the art Badr 7 HTS satellite connecting to our Internet backbone provider Telia through European Teleport in Lahti Finland. The service is powered by cutting edge Newtec Dialog platform and technologies.

Universal Satnet is a High Throughput Satellite (HTS) Ka band service allowing for the delivery of high speed Internet access as high as 100Mbps on download and 20Mbps on upload using very small size Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) with antennas as small as 1.0m and 1.2m, BUCs of 2W and 3W, and an attractive low-price tag for the full kit including Indoor Unit (IDU) and Outdoor Unit (ODU).

Universal Satnet services now come in three flavors
Quota Plans, Unlimited Plans, and Dedicated Plans.

Shared Services are designed for Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) as well as Large Enterprise in need of broadband Internet access. Shared Services are a best effort type of service and are sold as Quota plans with a monthly Quota (Allowance) ranging from 15GB/Mth upto 1TB/Mth. Shared services come with a Maximum Information Rate (MIR) of 20Mbps download and 3Mbps upload.

Unlimited Plans are designed for medium enterprise ensuring round the clock operation. Unlimited plans download ranges from 5Mbps up to 20Mbps Maximum Information Rate (MIR) while upload ranges from 1Mbps up to 3Mbps MIR. Stay always connected and surf 24/7 with Universal Satnet Unlimited Plans

Dedicated services are designed for a Large Enterprise that requires a dedicated link to the internet for mission critical applications. Dedicated Services are sold as a dedicated Committed Information Rate (CIR) service with higher Service Level Agreement (SLA) and committed availability as confirmed by Link Budget (LB) on a case by case basis. Dedicated Services can range from 5Mbps to 100Mbps on download and 1Mbps to 20Mbps on upload.