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Reema Omari

CEO, Universal Satcom

Reema Omari is a highly accomplished CEO and business leader, currently serving as the CEO of Universal Group, a dynamic and rapidly growing group of companies that provides a comprehensive range of communication services. Under her leadership, Universal Group has achieved remarkable success, with total recorded revenues of 20 million USD and an estimated value of 69.6 million USD.

Reema’s professional career began in the UAE as a Project Coordinator for AMBB Landscape, where she gained valuable experience in project management. She then moved to Advanced Environmental Technology (AET) in Sharjah, where she worked as a Project Manager and Environmental Engineer. Her expertise in environmental engineering and project management led her to be recruited by B M TRADA-Middle East in Dubai, where she served in management, business development, and operations roles. From there, Reema joined Texas Management Consultants, also in Dubai, where she continued to excel in management and business development. In 2007, Reema was appointed as the Managing Director of QSAT, where she led the company to remarkable growth and success over a period of seven years.

Overall, Reema Omari is a dynamic and inspiring leader who is driving Universal Group to even greater heights of success through her strategic vision and outstanding business acumen.