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Professional Fleet Services

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    Professional Fleet Services

    Fast and professional installation and maintenance services for VSAT systems on land and at sea.

    Installation And Delivery

    What Universal Satcom offer ?

    Before the installation process, a site survey is conducted to determine the best location on the vessel for installing the VSAT antenna. The site survey will also help determine the required hardware and software components for the installation.

    The VSAT antenna is mounted on the vessel’s deck, and the cables are routed to the location where the below deck equipment will be installed.

    The below-deck equipment comprises the modem, router, power supply, and other necessary hardware required to operate the VSAT system. The equipment is installed in a dry, cool location and connected to the VSAT antenna using cables.

    After the installation, a thorough system test is conducted to ensure that all components are functioning correctly. The testing includes checking the signal strength, system performance, and connectivity to the satellite.

    Once the system tests are successful, the VSAT system is commissioned, and the vessel can start using the system for communication purposes.


    Universal Satcom Field Service Engineers ensure fast and professional VSAT installation and service support, on land and at sea.

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