Sailor Fleet One



Product features
The SAILOR Fleet One system offers the following features and interfaces:
 Simultaneous voice and data communication over Satellite
 Data capabilities, single or multi-user, up to: 100 kbps
 Standard Voice (4 kbps)
 Built-in SIP server for easy connection of external IP Phones

 2 LAN (Local Area Network) ports with PoE (Power over Ethernet) for connecting
computers, e-hubs, IP handsets, WLAN access point etc.
 1 Standard Phone port
 1 multi-purpose I/O connector with 5 configurable inputs/outputs
 1 SIM slot for your Fleet One SIM card
 Built-in DHCP/NAT router
 Built-in web interface for managing phone book, messages and calls, and configuration
 Input power: 10.5 – 32 V DC (11.5 A – 4 A)
 CE certified
 ATC resilient
 Supports Inmarsat’s extended L-band services, Inmarsat-XL.



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