Intellian V60

Gyro-free satellite search capability
Intellian’s new generation gyro-free satellite search function enables
the v60G to acquire and lock onto the satellite without requiring a
separate input from the ship’s gyro-compass.
Aptus remote management
The v60G can be accessed, monitored, and controlled from any location
in the world. Additionally, routine maintenance activities can
be automated. Aptus helps automate firmware upgrades, tracking
parameter adjustment, and system diagnosis.
Wireless & Networking connectivity
The built in Wi-Fi enables connectivity with Intellian Aptus Mobile for
advanced system control and monitoring, including One-Touch satellite
library and firmware updates. The new Intellian LAN port on the ACU
provides networking connectivity to other Intellian systems enabling
integrated monitoring and control of all the Intellian networked devices.
Save installation and maintenance time
The simplified design of v60G allows users to install and setup the
system with out the need for a skilled engineer. Additionally, the v60G
provides the utmost in reliability resulting in time and cost savings in
Dual VSAT mediator
An available unit ensuring uninterrupted, always-on broadband communications.
Designed to communicate with two Antenna Control Units
(ACU) simultaneously, the Dual VSAT Mediator is ideal for redundant
antenna environments. The Mediator automates switching between
two antenna systems within 60 milliseconds.
Combined BUC power and TX signal
The v60G offers a single cable solution that supplies 48V DC power
and the TX signal together from its control unit via one RF cable.
Intellian makes it simpler to install or retrofit






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