The HGA-7001 is a fuselage mount phased
array antenna for use with Inmarsat Classic
Aero (H/H+), Swift64 and SwiftBroadband
SATCOM systems. The antenna complies
with ARINC 781 and can operate with
both ARINC 741 and ARINC 781 compliant
avionics (Satellite Data Units). A removable
tail cap allows access to the connector
compartment. In cooperation with various
airframe manufacturers, a range of RFmatched
mounting/adaptor plates have
been designed for both fixed and flexible


ARINC 781/741 compliant

  • Inmarsat SBB 7th order PIM
  • Inmarsat Type Approved
  • Integrated Beam Steering Unit (BSU)
  • Wideband frequency AC power
  • DC Power
  • Low profile
  • RF matched mounting plate options
  • Used on a range of air transport
  • Seamless coverage over Inmarsat
    defined hemisphere


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